Thursday, August 28, 2014

Iziah and Tanisslous' Ocean Inspired Legend

How a penguin was considered bird

“Let me tell you the legend of how a penguin was considered a bird.”
It all started when the man upstairs, started to create animals. He first created reptiles then
lions and then dogs and many, many more great species. He looked upon earth and said there is nothing in the beautiful blue sky. So he started to create an animal that could levitate off the ground. His finished product had a pointy beak that was the colour of the yellow light in the sky, it had a smaller body, compare to the rest, it had wings and it could fly, it was called a bird. God said “What a beautiful animal.” He soon created more and more and more until the blue sky was filled with these birds.

One day, God saw that the land of ice was only filled with seals. Form making all those birds he was still in the mode of making animals with wings. After about 1 year after the birds where flying about in the sky god decided to create something called a penguin. This creature had a beak but slightly bigger, this creature had a bigger body, feet, and wings. God released the penguin onto earth he named it Raj. God didn't see Raj as a bird he simply saw it as whole other animal.

Raj waddled along into the jungle where he saw lots of other birds soaring through the trees and sky. The other birds were fascinated when they saw this unusual creature. One bird said “Hey, look this one looks like a zombie!” All of the other birds made fun of Raj. One bird even said “Can he even fly?” Raj flapped his wings as fast as he could but he failed. All of the other birds laughed.

Raj was then determined to show the other birds that he could fly. He stayed up all night jumping from tree to tree, after jumping lots and lots of trees he gave up saying, “Forget it. I’m not a bird. I’m never going to able to fly.” He stomped off to the water.

He didn’t know what was happening but he was attracted to the water and the ice. He jumped in and flew under the water towards the cold areas, after about 1 hour of flying through the water he finally he found how he could fly, in the water! He ran back to where the birds lived and announced that he could fly, but they just stared at him for a moment...then laughed and flew into the air showing off their talents and then minding their business. Raj was disappointed.

Walking around the birds’ home he saw a letter.  It said Flying competition! Only for birds that can fly. He took a deep breath and signed his name to enter. Raj kept practicing some life or death tricks but he couldn’t master his best one.

The competition was one all the birds that were in the competition were in a line waiting for there time to show of, Raj was third. When it was Raj’s turn, he ran as fast as he could and jumped into the water. The champions from last year’s competition were the judges.  They were all impressed at this penguins talents he perform the most dangerous (it was only dangerous to the bird not to the penguins).

After when all the birds had all performed the judges had to pick the best act and crown them as flying champion for 1289. “Raj!” All the judges voted Raj, he sank into a glorious feeling and stood proudly as he was being praised with love from everyone.

That is how a penguin was considered a bird because he could fly...but in the water.

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Rhonda Kelly said...

Great work, Iziah and Tanisslous, very humorous story - remember to proof read very carefully so your audience can follow your story carefully - I really enjoyed reading this.