Monday, March 3, 2014

Welcome Mr Wong!

Today, Room 8 officially welcomed Mr Wong to our classroom.  Mr Wong comes to us from the Manaiakalani Digital Teachers Academy and will be team teaching in Room 8 alongside Miss Kyla.  He has many talents including being able to speak Japanese and knows Bujinkan - a type of Japanese Martial Art.  Mr Wong went to Auckland Grammar School and has travelled all around the world.  We are so excited to have him in Room 8!

(Miss Kyla and Mr Wong)


Rhonda said...

WE are so lucky to have Mr Wong at Tamaki Primary School and Room 8 are doubly lucky to have two great teachers!
Mrs Kelly

Stephanie Parker said...

Welcome Mr Wong! I speak a little Japanese too and have been sharing this with my class, maybe you could teach me more!?
Mrs Parker
Rm 10 Glenbrae School

Greg Wong said...