Monday, March 17, 2014

Student Council Receive Badges!

It was a proud moment for Room 8 today, to see so many of our class members receive their badges for being part of the School Council.  Simon even followed up with a short speech thanking the students, teachers and other student council members.  We are so excited to see what amazing things they achieve this year.  They have already done so much in Term One!

Here are some photos from the whole school assembly.  Including Simon and Malia presenting our Junior Leaders - the Fruit Monitors with their badges.

Keep up the amazing leadership, Room 8!

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Renee said...

Hello room 8&7. I'm so proud of you all who made it to the student council. I know Tamaki Primary will be heard far and wide because of you students. Congratulation to all of you who made it. Great to see those faces. God bless you.
Love from,
Renee Faiva