Saturday, March 1, 2014

Malia's Experience as a Year 9 at Tamaki College

From Y8TCDay
I have had an amazing day today at Tamaki College and I have learnt heaps of new things there today. I was scared at first but then I felt confident and I was so eager to learn more things.

A lot of schools went to Tamaki College to experience what is the life to be a year 9 and so we can be prepared for college. I met heaps of new people and I got to see some of my friends and family from other schools. It was so fun and I just had an amazing time there.

My favorite class was science because we got to make bouncy balls and we had to make a helicopter that can go the highest. The one that went the highest got a prize and the prize was some yummy lollies.  I had so much fun and I got to learn more things and some new sites I can go on to help me with my learning.

Thank you so much Tamaki College for all the hard work you have done for us. Thanks for the free lunches you have gave us! GOD BLESS!!

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