Friday, August 16, 2013

Sione's Description - Inspired by The Hunger Games

Wolves getting ready for the bloodshed. Fright crawls up their spines like tiny parasites. I can’t shake the fact that I will either die or survive.  

I feel my heart pounding inside of my tightening chest. Missiles of sweat drop from my forehead. We scatter in all directions.  A man spits a warm, crimson-red substance at my face before he dies.  A jagged knife the source of his death.

My eyes can’t believe what they are witnessing. I smell bloody carcuses freshly killed by a fellow tribute.  Body parts blown up in every direction you can think of.  The fumes of the dirt  and gunpowder engulf me like a tidal wave.

I hear screams coming from the opposite the way I am running.  Are my ears deceiving me? Is this really what I am hearing? I don’t care. I must keep running. Past the other tributes and the pool of blood. Hearing those innocent teeanagers killing each other makes me angry. I hate these torturing battles that go on for days, all for the entertainment of the Capitol, but alas, I must keep running.

Through the forest I shall go between the trees and through the bushes. A frightened boy I am, yet strong and agile.

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