Friday, August 16, 2013

Darwin's Description - Inspired by The Hunger Games

A mist of terror fills our eyes while our brains visualise death... What do I do? The sun shining on my back and I see the light reflect off a sword ready for me to grab. The countdown starts. I see the tributes looking at me as if they are going to kill me first. The cornucopia teasing me to grab resources.  The booming voice sounds out “LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!”

Tributes sprinting to the equipment as they put people to their deaths. I feel the blood of the tributes shattered to pieces. The wind blowing against me leading to a career tribute from District 2. My heart pumping fast as I glare at him I feel his power ruining my mind. I turn and run.

I hear the crack of a tribute’s neck breaking.  An arrow shot straight to another tribute’s neck running beside me. I hear the blood pouring down her now crooked neck. Splash!  

I can see my chance of freedom.  Trees and bushes.  I see a water resource - a lake.  This makes my hopes of survival rise.  If I could just get there without getting noticed.

I take one last look behind me.  Dead tribute bodies spread everywhere.  I see a bow and arrow.  I grab it with my shaking hands.  Time to hunt.

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