Friday, May 27, 2016

Black bag similes

In class today room 8 had a writing lesson where they had to come up with similes describing what they felt when they put their hand into a mysterious black bag. Only Miss Morrison knew what was inside the bag and the students of room 8 had to put their hands in and use similes to describe what they felt. Here are some of the similes they came up with!


daniel said...

Hi room 8!
I like you similes on black bags. It is very cool how you wrote different ones every time! Keep up the great work.


Harlem said...

Hi Room 8
i like the words in side of black bag they are funny and keep up the good work

John said...

Hi room 8,
I really like the activity that you have done and the way you have created it. It is very creative. Great work, Keep it up

Sebastian said...

Hi room 8, it is great to see the amount of similes you all have come up to describe the feeling of what was inside the black bag. Those are very descriptive words you have used.

timote said...

hi room 8 you have had a good writing.