Friday, June 13, 2014

Jennifer, Chasity, Willy and Taylor Write a Song!

To help practice their spelling words this week, the 'Tamaki Quartet' wrote this song!  Willy was inspired by an ad he saw on T.V and through the power of Google Docs, these students collaborated to write this song.  They recorded it today.  Here is the final product!


Dorothy Burt said...

Way to go you clever people!
I am looking forward to your Film Festival movie this year after watching this :)

Mrs Burt

Harmony Pairama said...

chur :) tu meke!

maopat said...

Dear Chasity, Willy, Taylor, Jennifer.

You guys did great effort putting this song together and you guys sounded real great I reckon you should all go on American Idol and The Voice.

Keep the good work Up Guys
Nice Job

By Quitah

Helen Tanoai said...

Nice job Room 8 you done so good and I think you need to go to American Idol and The Voice.

Helen Tanoai