Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sau Explains - How to be a good discoverer...

Hi all! If you are reading this then you are wanting to be a discover. Being a discoverer is one thing we have all find hard, but it is real easy if you put your heart into it. If you follow my explanation, you too could head your way into the world of discovery.

To be a good discover you have to be ambitious. Being ambitious means challenging yourself and always asking questions about things. It means being curious to find out answers and striving to succeed. If you are ambitious then it means you are always challenging yourself.

Being a discoverer means you need to have an open mind. Having an open mind means thinking outside of the box, being creative when doing your searches, and also admitting when you’re wrong at times when people have their say. Doing this, you could be a closer to finding the truth.

Another point on being a good discoverer is having strong evidence. This means that you need some proof (pictures, results) to help you make your point. Doing this, you could have everyone believe you when you have evidence with you.

If you follow,do and be these three words, you could have a bright future in front of you. If you are willing to be a discoverer, you will be:

  • Ambitious
  • A discoverer with an open mind and being creative
  • Determination

These things will help you in your journey on being a discoverer, and maybe you could encourage others to become discoverers too, as we are all born curious. I would become one because I am always wondering about everything around me, like Why is the sky blue? And how can we see colour?

Thank you for reading my explanation.

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