Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Unpacking the Key Competencies

Today we unpacked the Key Competencies.  We worked in groups in a bus stop activity.  Each piece of paper had a Key Competency and a question.  The challenge was to think of new ideas that had already been taken by the group before us!

We then had to act out a 'photo image' to represent which Key Competency we had.  It was challenging trying to think of a way we could pose to communicate the message to our audience.

Key Competencies are so important because they are core skills we need to have in order to have a positive time at school and a positive life.


Taylor T said...

Room 8, What a great start to the term. I think that you class is the best class in the school. Great work and keep up the great thinking.

From Taylor

Jennifer said...

WOW room 8!!! great leadership and cooperating skills I see you guys seem like a great class to be in